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Automotive Trends We're Excited About in 2024

The Easterns Automotive Group team works hard to bring in the latest models with the most advanced features for our clients. So often, people think they must spend so much to get the latest features, but our inventory proves that simply isn't the case. We're thinking about the automotive trends we're excited to see more of in 2024 and things our clients are most excited about experiencing for themselves.

Electric Models

EVs are the biggest trend in automotive right now, and we don't see that slowing down any time soon. With new automakers like Acura, Honda, and INFINITI stepping into the EV segment next year, we expect massive advancements in electric technology in 2024. Automakers that already have one or more EV models are announcing new EVs to fill the EV market with a vehicle for every type of driver.

Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Models

Hybrid models are nothing new, but we're seeing hybrid powertrains be used in new and exciting ways. Vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid show the remarkable performance capabilities of hybrids where most automakers have focused solely on efficiency. Plug-in hybrid models like the new Lexus RX PHEV and Outlander PHEV offer commuters an option to drive to and from work without fuel while leaving room for the flexibility of gasoline when necessary.

Hands-Free Cruising

GM's SuperCruise and Ford's BlueCruise are paving the way for hands-free driving technology. This technology isn't new, but it is being more widely adopted in 2024, with many more models offering hands-free driving capabilities than ever. 2023 even saw its first driver-free rideshare technology. Soon, preventable car accidents really might be a thing of the past.

Which automotive trends are you most excited about in 2024? If you're ready to upgrade to the latest technology, contact the Easterns Automotive Group team today. Our inventory is hand-selected with modern drivers in mind.