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Comfort Features That Are Worth the Splurge

Some people prefer a barebones vehicle without the flair of complex and expensive features. Others want every available option. Most car buyers, though, fall somewhere in the middle. When you're deciding which features you do and don't want, it can get overwhelming. However, there are a few features the Easterns Automotive Group team doesn't think you should overlook. These features make a massive difference in comfort, convenience, and driving fatigue.

Power Adjustable Seats with Lumbar Support

Everyone's body is different and has different needs. Customizing your seating position with precision means you'll not only avoid feeling stiff, but you'll feel refreshed after a long drive. Lumbar support is essential if you drive long distances or have experienced back issues.

Lane Keep Assist

Most people view lane keep assist as a safety feature, and it is. But this is one of the best features for mitigating driving fatigue. An extra helping hand to keep you between the lines allows you to relax a little more and enjoy the journey. Of course, you still want to maintain control of the vehicle, but lane keep assist really takes the edge off.

Head-Up Display

This technology feature projects vital driving information like your current speed on your windshield. It shows this information where you can easily see it, without obstructing your view of the road. Like Lane Keep Assist, it helps with fatigue and gives you essential information where it's easy to see, making you safer and more comfortable.

Ergonomic Design

This isn't an optional feature, so much as it is a design philosophy. Not every automaker designs their vehicles with passenger comfort in mind. Some prioritize cargo space, cost of production, and simplicity over passenger comfort. Finding a vehicle that fits you well is important, and one of the most overlooked aspects of a test drive.

The Easterns Automotive Group team knows that comfort and safety go hand in hand. That's why we're dedicated to finding a vehicle that provides the comfort you deserve and the safety you need, no matter where the road takes you. Contact us online today to discover all the amazing comfort features you've been missing out on.